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The Master Class Series for Horn
  • The Master Class Series for Horn
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By James Decker

A 126 page manual divided into three sections:

Eleven drills with variations encompassing the many disciplines required to become a professional,

A section of sixty excerpts of the most often asked for in auditions, and

A ten etude group section to be used in a ensemble format.

Also included are two DVDs:

One DVD demonstrating the Drill Section, and a second DVD,
Conducted Orchestral Performances of the Excerpts.

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It has been determined that the most important time in the life of a serious young classically trained musician is the moment when he/she goes to perform an audition. Conservatories and universities make an effort to successfully prepare their students for the positions which will establish their careers and provide them with supporting income. The process includes a concentrated effort to have the ability to perform these prominent excerpts professionally.

The Audition
Orchestras increasingly expect experience with entire compositions as well as expertise with the excerpts called for in the auditions. Thirty orchestra audition lists were used in compiling the orchestral excerpts included in Master Series for Horn. Master Series for Horn contains the most frequently-requested orchestral audition excerpts for principal horn, and includes excerpts for 2nd, 3rd and 4th horn as well as group excerpts.

Method Used in Hollywood Motion Pictures
A conductor synchronizes his conducting talent to a finished, professional sound recording enabling the student to play the music, following the conductor on the screen, while 'surrounded' by the supporting sound of a symphony orchestra. Meanwhile, numbers at the bottom of the screen show the elapsed time, facilitating the location of any particular excerpt.

Bonus Material
As an added bonus, Master Series for Horn includes drills and etudes geared to build and reinforce horn techniques necessary for mastering the orchestral excerpts. Included are both individual and group exercises. Master Series for Horn can be used as a complete horn study method for the beginner through the advanced student.

Igor Stravinsky and James Decker

Recording The Fairy's Kiss for Columbia Masterworks
Photo Courtesy of Arnold Newman     Bravo Stravinsky

James Decker
Inventor of the iVasi System
Fifty year career Hollywood Studio Musician, Horn
Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music